Parents, we are now just about half way done with 1st Grade. It's been a really good year as we've grown to 21 students in the class. The kids have grown so much since entering the classroom. They've become readers and they have learned how to add and subtract. I am so excited about how far these kids have gone.

I get asked a lot about what can we do at home to help. It really depends on your child. First, make sure they know all the letter sounds. Next, work on sounding out words. Then read...and read...and read. Memorize the sight words that I send home. Read the two books every night that I send home. Practice adding and subtracting at home. Flash cards for math and the sight words are always a great way for the children to learn..

Look for the Thursday folder on Thursday. Please take out the kids papers, sigh the paper on the left and then return the folder with just the one paper inside. We go to the library every Thursday. We have PE every Wednesday and Friday so it's a good idea to wear sneakers on those days. I let the kids bring snack every day.

I am so excited about the future with these children. I see them getting smarter every day. Ask them if they need any school supplies (crayons, pencils, glue sticks). Get them headphones for Ipads if you can. Message me anytime you want on the Talking Points app. Let's start the year off doing everything we can to get the kids ready for 2nd Grade.